Thursday, 24 January 2013



Finally...yes! I have started to blog.
I had opened this post some months ago but could not bring myself to post anything on it. I do not know why. I kept postponing it wondering if I really had anything worthwhile to say. Then I kept asking why do I want to blog? Will anyone read it? What will I say or will I have anything to say at all? Then realisation dawned and I got my answers. I want to blog because I love to write and everyday hundreds of things turn in my mind seeking vent. It had to come out of me. These are my thoughts coming randomly to me and I have to share it with someone and what a better way than written words? And I won’t worry about anyone reading it or not as I am doing this exercise for myself and this is my route to preserve my thoughts for my future. And if anybody gets to read it, the more the merrier! Now for the last question – I will have many things to say but can’t guarantee whether all those will be worthy enough. I do not want to surround my thoughts with adjectives, positive or otherwise. I just want my random thoughts to flow and flow. If it has a destiny, it will have a destination. I do not want to worry about what course my thoughts will take or what should they entail? I just want to transform my thoughts roaming aimlessly within my mind to simple words on my screen. And let them be the way they are. So, here I end my random wanderings and I begin my jotting of my ‘Random Thoughts’.

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