Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women's Day! It is March 8 again. We will witness once again stories of celebrating women, advertisements of stores offering discounts on women's products and TV shows depicting 'greatness of women'. But is this all we want, as women, as a society? Of course not! What we urgently need today, as women, is safety, security, dignity and respect. This is our right and we are only seeking what we deserve as human beings. Let us all resolve to make this happen and let us begin the campaign from our home! So here is an ode to the woman in our life who we should and need to value the most - Our mother!

She is the woman who loves you the most
She will be and is the only one who accepts you the way you are
She rejoices in your victory; she is dejected when you lose
She smiles when you are happy; her tears flow when she finds you sad
She trusts you even if the whole world doesn’t; she cherishes you more than her valuables
She dies a thousand death when you ignore her; her heart breaks every time you are rude to her
She may not be able to cook the best food for you now, but if you go hungry, she is ready to be awake all night to feed you
She celebrates the entry of another woman in your life; not jealous but content
She doesn't stop your journeys; only says a silent prayer for your well being
She looks through your eyes to see your heart; understands its pain
She loves when you are at home with her; though you may not even look at her
She cares for your future, though she is aware she won’t be a part of it
One day she will love someone more than you and that will be your child
Value your mother, there is (and there will be) nobody like her!

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