Thursday, 17 July 2014

Balcony Musings

I am at home staring outside through my wide windows at the pouring rains. Rains indeed evoke many feelings in people – romance, first love, loneliness, happiness, despair, lost love, hope and so many other emotions.  Yet, we all love to stand and stare at rains… Rains and balcony have such an inter-connection.  It is as if there is no better or more suitable place than a balcony to watch downpour. Perhaps, that’s the reason why characters from literature and films are shown standing in a balcony staring longingly at rains. Think of how many songs from Hindi films were picturised like that? I have loved fairy tales in childhood and that paved way for romantic tales during teen years, especially the Mills & Boons type. Balconies feature prominently in these stories, be it Rapunzel, Cinderella or the beauty from the romantic novels, they all had a balcony through which their romance could bloom. And yes, the epic love story, Romeo and Juliet, where the balcony was the focal point?
So, I admit I love balcony and I stare yearningly at any houses with balcony. It is another matter that sometimes, the elderly gentleman at the balcony has given me curious glances and may be suspected my action.  Yet, my love for the quintessential balcony continues. Sadly, my home doesn’t have a balcony. And I miss it. That is why, it’s been an ambition, an aspiration, a hope that I will one day have a home with a lavish and spacious balcony. 

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That reminds me of a story which a friend had narrated to me years ago. About a lovely girl who used to sit in her balcony and sit there for hours. One day she caught the attention of a handsome boy and slowly they fell in love, just through glances. And one day, he saw her outside her house… in a wheel chair. Did the boy continue to lover her after that? I do not remember how the story ended but as the ever optimistic and romantic person, I would love to believe that they both lived happily together.
There are other sides to a balcony too other than just staring out. When people sit in the balcony just immersed in thoughts, aren’t they giving some importance to themselves in this busy life? Today people are so busy, they really do not have ‘time to stand and stare’. There is no time to analyse one’s own life or think about family and friends. Who knows this ‘balcony time’ will actually enable some of them at least to mend their relationships or even counsel themselves?
There’s a grouse – today houses are so small that people are eager to enclose whatever space is around. That is why many like to demolish balconies and enclose the space so as to enlarge their drawing or bed rooms. That is sad. Many buildings do not even have balconies to speak of. Hope all houses get the benefit of a balcony albeit small.  Let all of us spend some time doing nothing but just stare admirably at rains rather than cursing it sitting inside stranded local trains, just sit and think about the sorry that we did not say, a thank you we did not mention or a hello that we missed out because we thought we were hurt.  Let us all do it…

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