Sunday, 26 March 2017

A companion called hope

In a way, hope can make warriors out of average Toms. As the motivational quote says, “When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.'” It urges you to fight it out and attempt again. Hope keeps the ember burning and you believe in that little spark, the fire can be reignited.  It is possible to rise like a phoenix from life’s turmoil through hope, as Shane. J. Lopez elucidates in his book, ‘Making Hope Happen’ (2014). The book is a study on hope and Lopez writes that people with hope become more successful and happier than those who lose hope. He reiterates what Cheavens found that hope can be cultivated so that it becomes a habit.
In a way, if you look at it, it is difficult to imagine a world without hope. Many emotions might not be there if there would be no hope. Its absence will make you feel pointless about life, you will feel dejected and it will be like you are in front of a tunnel that is closed at the other end. With the absence of hope, many good things will vanish such as positivity, optimism, cheer, joy, perseverance and more. The world wouldn’t be able to survive if there was no hope. There will be nothingness.
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In a way, hope comes with only benefits and it helps all who can hold on to it for some time. It encourages action and resists passiveness. It makes you look at solutions and makes you reach out to them. The very idea of life, the keys to survival, the desire to build it all again, are all based on the hope that devastation isn’t what it was meant to be but  rising up.
In a way, hope needs to be practised and made a part of everyday life. Hope begets hope and the more you hope, the more you aspire and the more you achieve. When you are amidst a day when everything is going wrong and against you, you need to hold on to the faith of hope. Smile or even laugh! Hope for the best and lo! You will find doors opening up just for you. Hope has much more potential and capabilities than we must have thought. It is to find this untapped potential of hope that Hope Studies Central of University of Alberta, Canada has been engaged in a unique hope research for the last 11 years.  The Hope House is conducting research on the practical application of hope to find a solution to the diseases of mind and body.

At a time, when luxuries and modern medicine are unable to find a cure to the growing solitude of human mind even when in crowded cities, may be, we need to find a solution inwards and search for answers within us. That’s where something is glittering and that surely is, hope. 

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