Saturday, 18 November 2017

A letter to my future self

Today you have turned 60. You are officially a senior citizen now. Maybe you are not feeling the age, yet the fact is you have completed six decades of your life. You should be proud that you have lived all these years successfully and happily. Why am I so sure about it? Because somehow I know you and that is why I am confident that you are smiling as you read this.

You may be wondering how soon you have reached 60 but dear, this is what life is. Years roll by, people grow older. The point is how well you have lived your life and how better you aspire to make it every day.

Considering you were always kind and good, you definitely have plenty of reasons to smile about.

You know, as I was writing this, there were many fears about tomorrow, about financial security, health, about near and dear ones and many more. Basically, I was thinking a lot about the insecurities and uncertainties of life.

Though you were always the anxious one in the family as opposed to Unni, your husband, who has always been as calm as ice, you were never weak. You have always faced adversities with strength and obstacles with courage. Remember your favourite sentence that you had read in your school English text? “Courage is going on – when you know you can’t.” I am sure you have lived by it. That is why I believe you are surrounded by people who you love.

At this point, you must be wondering about the many decisions that you took in your life – some might have proved right while some might have been foolish decisions. That is fine. But I think there is one decision that you must be so relieved about. The courage to chuck your day job and the long commute that only gave you stress. You followed your heart and maybe, money was not good in the first few years but I am sure you managed to get something that not only helped you financially but also helped you to enjoy what you did for a living. I know there would have been struggles but look at you now. If you had continued that stressful life, your 60th birthday would have been all about ills and pills.

There is one more decision that I believe is helping you to enjoy your favourite chocolate cake today and that is to take health seriously and going for morning walks. Do you remember the health scare Unni had? It was a traumatic time but both of you changed for the better after that.

No wonder, it is said that life is all about the choices you make.
I am sure you are still in touch with some of your most loved friends Vijula, Malti, Pushpa, Sushil and Guru. You have always cherished relationships. Maybe, you had only a few friends but they were the best, weren’t they?

Though I do not wish to dole out big pieces of advice for you, I would still like to offer some suggestions.  You are about to begin a new phase in life. There will be challenges, obstacles, and even adventures. Face each situation as you have always done – with courage and positivity. Just because you have turned 60 does not mean you have to change in any way or stop doing what you love. Continue working. Write every day as if there are deadlines. Moreover, embrace life all the more each day.

This is also the time you will need to be little understanding and make some adjustments. One thing that is going to hurt is that your children may not be able to visit you as often as they should as they may be busy. Do not accuse them of not loving you or do not complain or nag them all the time to make them feel guilty as your mother has done to you all your life. This is a good time to let go. Learn to utilize your time more productively by being busy, healthy and happy. With your sweet hubby beside you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Dear, you can move ahead with pride as yours is a life that has been well-lived. Others may call it the sunset period but I know you – it is only sunrises in your kingdom. Live it up, my queen!

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